The Beautiful Detour Collection

The Beautiful Detour Collection comes from the heart of the inspirational self-proclaimed "detourist", Amy Oestreicher. It is a colourful celebration of triumph and inspiration that we hope will encourage all those who are navigating beautiful detours of their own.

Amy's life took a turn more dramatic than most in her senior year of school when she ended up in a coma due to an unexpected blood clot. As a survivor and “thriver” of almost 30 surgeries, sexual abuse, organ failure and a decade of medical trauma, Amy has been challenged with moments of extreme difficulty. Today, as an artist, playwright, actress, composer, author and overall lover of life, she looks on life's beautiful detours with gratitude for the way they have moulded her into the person she is today.

Visual art was another unexpected detour for Amy. Stuck in a small ICU cubicle for four months after a medical catastrophe, she picked up a paintbrush that her mother had purchased from the gift shop in the lobby. With no other outlet to process her whirlwind of emotions, Amy put brush to canvas for the first time, a moment that would change her world forever.

Read more about Amy's incredible story and mission on her website.

Your purchases will help support Amy both in her medical costs and her mission to transform communities with her #LoveMyDetour vision.